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The D.C. Opportunity Scholarship Program (OSP) provides K-12 scholarships to District families interested in enrolling their child(ren) in one of over 50 participating private schools. Learn about the eligibility requirements, application process, and if you are a returning parent, how to continue receiving an OSP scholarship.

DC Opportunity Scholarship Program Students Reading

Apply for an Opportunity Scholarship

The OSP awards K-12 scholarships to families of the District with school-aged children interested in attending a participating private school. It is FREE to apply and you can apply for all children. Scholarships awards are up to $12,572 for high school and up to $8,381 for elementary and middle schools. Awards can be used for tuition, uniforms, books, and transportation.

Family Eligibility Requirements: 

  • Current D.C. residents
  • Child(ren) 5 years and older by September 30th
  • Current recipients of SNAP benefits (food stamps) OR meet income guidelines (185% of the income threshold)

Apply Online

Interested families can apply for a scholarship by clicking the link - applydcosp.org. You must have a working email address and a social security number to register for the online application. The parent of the child must electronically sign the Agreement to Participate terms and complete the student evaluation for each child.

Apply at an Event

The OSP hosts several application events throughout the District. Families who submit applications at an OSP event will have their applications reviewed by an OSP team member. To find the nearest application event, visit Upcoming Dates for event details. View the application checklist for information on items to bring to prove eligibility.

Proving Eligibility

Once you submit an application you will need to provide documentation to prove DC residency, age of child(ren) and financials. Use the application checklist to learn which documents are acceptable to prove eligibility. Parents/guardians who have confirmed application submissions will begin to receive notification of the status of their student's application documents.

Once Serving Our Children has determined if your child is eligible for a K-12 scholarship, he/she may go through a lottery. There will be two scholarship rounds, one in mid to late February and another in mid to late May 2016.


Students currently participating in the OSP must renew and prove eligibility each school year to continue using the scholarship. Parents/guardians can renew their child's scholarship at an application event. To renew a scholarship, parents/guardians must meet the following requirements:

  • Current D.C. Residents
  • Current recipients of SNAP OR meet income guidelines (300% of the income threshold)

If you have a child currently participating in the OSP and want to apply for a new child you will have to submit both a renewal and an application form. For school year 2016-17 in order to receive your child's school placement form you must confirm your 2015 annual income amount.

Private School Search 

Applying for the OSP is NOT the same as applying to a school.  After you have filled out an OSP application, you should begin applying to participating schools for your child which is a separate application process for admission to the school. Applying early to schools and being proactive will give your child a strong chance of being admitted to their first choice. Visit our Choosing a School page to help you with your search.